Clearing customs can be a complex task. To simplify things for you, SMA offers a full range of customs clearance services.
With a professional team, we can help facilitate both import and export customs clearance in countries around the world. We communicate and work with customs officials for you, allowing you to focus on your core business.
Clearing custom services include:
On behalf of the customers to work with the custom office and related agencies.
Electronic declaration, remote customs declaration.
Use specialized e-customs declaration software.
Processing of special imports requiring the required permits.
Help customers process special shipments at the most reasonable cost.

Our process of customs declaration services will be detailed in terms of free consultancy support for customers in the following order:

  • lExplain the rules and procedures.
  • lDetermine the tariff of the goods.
  • lSupplement the preferential provisions on the tax system.
  • lOn-site customs clearance for individual shipments.
  • lOther information requested by customers.

We aim to build customer confidence in the spirit of “customer peace of mind for capture the necessary information” before deciding to use our services.